Ex Machina

The Sci-fi movie Ex Machina (2015) utilizes its ability to use sound and visuals by employing techniques that help tell the story. Some recurring cinematic elements that the film uses to tell the story is the directing, cinematography, editing, and sound.One vital component of directing that is not usually associated with directing is the movement… Read More Ex Machina


This week, I would like to take a break from novels, movies, and games to write about a comic instead. A manga title, to be specific. If you are familiar with manga series, you might have heard about huge names such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, or Bleach. However, let me introduce you to a series that is… Read More Doraemon


Creative idea, engaging plot, excellent acting skill of the main character duo (Bruce Willis and Joshep Gordon-Levitt), Looper was one of the Hollywood action/sci-fi movies that stood out in 2012. Spoiler ahead! In the future, human finds a way to travel through time. This type of transportation is usually used by gangs to get rid… Read More Looper