Crysis (Part 1)

unnamedCrysis is a science fiction video game, set in the year 2020. The player controls a special forces soldier operating under the codename “Nomad.” Part of the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, the team is dispatched to an island off the North Korean coast where a situation is unfolding. American archaeologists, who had been working on the island had sent out a distress signal. In a message sent out to the U.S. Government, the archaeologists had mentioned that they had made an undisclosed world changing discovery. Delta Force was tasked with extracting the archeologists before the North Korean Army secured any information. Equipped with Nanosuits, these special forces soldiers were equipped with nearly superhuman powers. The Nanosuits could be customized on the fly, shifting from projectile and explosives resistance to stealth and movement speed enhancements. Upon arriving on the island, however, Delta Force runs into increasingly strange phenomenon.

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As Raptor Team parachutes towards the island, an unidentified flying object interferes with the formation. Nomad’s parachute is disabled and he plummets to the island – luckily surviving due to his nanosuit absorbing the tremendous impact of the crash. The team is scattered in different areas of the island, and decides to regroup. All but one member, Aztec, survived the high-altitude jump. Aztec is eventually discovered dismembered, along with a squad of North Korean soldiers. Raptor Team decides that regrouping is their best option. Along the way to the rendezvous point, these soldiers come across a boat in the middle of the forest that had been launched there. Raptor Team is then caught off guard by a flying alien that kills off more of their squad members. The remaining members regroup, and after assessing the situation decide to continue the mission.

(to be continued…)


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