The Twilight Zone; “Where is Everybody?”


‘The Twilight Zone’ is a very well known sci-fi/ fantasy television show that first aired on October 2, 1959. The pilot of the show displays what seems to be the ‘last man on earth’. Throughout the first episode a sense of increased paranoia comes across the actor when little things don’t add up (if he actually were the last man on earth). My favorite part in the first episode of this series is when a cigarette is still burning thus, implying there is someone else there with him. Although you find out it was all in his head as a simulation, you also find out that he will actually be alone on the moon soon. Ive already spoiled the ending for you if you have not seen it but I assure you it is still worth watching as I put myself in his shoes due to how captivating it is. You can watch the full episode here. I hope to be writing a little bit more about this show ,as well as others, in future blog posts.

-Noor Bairuty


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