The Art of H. R. Giger


Considered by many to be the most influential science-fiction artist, H. R. Giger is best known for his work in the movie Alien, but his talents extend far beyond the silver screen. He was the mastermind behind the titular character in Ridley Scott’s science-fiction horror classic – easily one of the most recognizable horror characters of all time – but what many people don’t realize is that H. R. Giger was also a painter, sculpture, airbrush artist, and architect. Regardless of the media, all of Giger’s pieces are immediately recognizable by his incredible, unequivocal style – cold, mechanical, and intimidating, while simultaneously bizarrely beautiful and alluring. Often, his work contrasts robotic machinery with raw human sexuality, creating a nightmarish duality that elevated the genre of science fiction from lowbrow to high art.



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