Crysis (Part 2)

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As Raptor Team parachutes towards the island, an unidentified flying object interferes with the formation. Nomad’s parachute is disabled and he plummets to the island – luckily surviving due to his nanosuit absorbing the tremendous impact of the crash. The team is scattered in different areas of the island, and decides to regroup. All but one member, Aztec, survived the high-altitude jump. Aztec is eventually discovered dismembered, along with a squad of North Korean soldiers. Raptor Team decides that regrouping is their best option. Along the way to the rendezvous point, these soldiers come across a boat in the middle of the forest that had been launched there. Raptor Team is then caught off guard by a flying alien that kills off more of their squad members. The remaining members regroup, and after assessing the situation decide to continue the mission.

Image result for crysis screenshots

As the remaining group begins to clear the forest, the Raptor Team’s leader, Prophet, gets captured by an unknown enemy, leaving only two members reamining on the force. Hearing this news, the United States deploys soldiers to the island. At first, the United States suspects that the North Korea KPA is behind the abduction. As fighting rages on, however, it becomes clear that there may be something more to the story.

(to be continued…)


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