Black Mirror: ‘Playtest’

The Netflix original show “Black Mirror” is a very unique show yet similar to The Twilight Zone and some what American Horror story. Like the Twilight zone, every episode has a new story/plot. One episode that really stood out to me was ‘Playtest’. This episode creates a 3Dimensional reality video game fantasy.  The game trial starts very innocent and increases in horror throughout the episode.


There is never a happy ending for those who one could say made ‘stupid decisions’. The show favors intelligence and kind people and usually gives the viewer a twisted ending that is enjoyable. This episode is a rollercoaster with twists and turns and can get confusing if you don’t pay attention. Personally, I like to watch this show alone with some snacks in a dark room (one cuddle buddy if necessary). Hints are often thrown at you but can easily be missed. Due to this being a fairly new show and a Netflix original, it would be more difficult to find online without a Netflix account.There are some episodes such as white bear, shut up & dance, and so on that are online but not this episode.


– Noor Bairuty


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