999 Cont.

After coming into the main hall Junpei see’s 7 people. Everyone is just as surprised and confused as he is. Where am I? What am I doing here says everyone. More and more questions keep coming from everyone. Junpei notices one more person coming down the stairs. It is a young looking girl about his age. As she slowly walks down the stairs she stumbles and falls onto Junpei. It is then that he notices that he has seen this girl before. It turns out she is Akane Kurashiki, Junpei’s childhood friend before she moved away. It has been years before he has seen her. Is that you Jumpy? Says Akane as she gets up.


It is you Junpei! I haven’t seen you in years. Feeling thrilled to see someone he knew he gets up and greets her with joy. Everyone else around is still surprised and confused and wants answers as to what is going on. As everyone is bickering the speaker on the ship turns on. It turns out to be the man in the gas mask and black coat. He introduces himself as Zero and states that everyone is going to participate in a game. He mentions the bracelets on everyone’s arms and states that everyone’s lives rest in those bracelets. The ship is sinking and in a matter of 9 hours the ship will sink. There are 9 people with bracelets and they need to reach the number 9 door to escape. Throughout the ship there is doors numbered 1 through 9. In order to open a door at least 3 people need to scan their bracelets to equal the digital root of the number on the door. Seems simple enough to escape, all you need to do is go through doors until you reach number 9 right? That is until Zero mentions each person has swallowed a small bomb and it will detonate if the people don’t go through the door or don’t make it to the bomb detonator at the end of each door fast enough. They each have 1 minute to reach it in order to turn it off for that door. This means they have to split up into teams and after each door there is a puzzle that has to be solved in order to move on. Zero repeats the rules again and fades away leaving everyone in shock and disbelief. Not to mention everyone is a stranger to each other except Junpei and Akane. After some more bickering they decide to give each other code names so they don’t reveal their identity. Number 1 is Ace who is an older gentlemen. Number 2 is Snake who we learn is blind. Number 3 is Santa who is a young punk. Number 4 is Clover who is a younger teenage girl. Number 5 is Junpei who doesn’t get a code name since Akane blurred out his name. Number 6 is Akane who is code named June. Number 7 is Seven who is a big muscular man. Number 8 is Lotus who is a Dancer. Lastly is number 9 simply named the 9th man. Why is that his name? We will find out next time as the mystery unfolds.




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