999: The Plot Thickens


Here we have our 9 main characters. Lotus on the far left, Santa to the right of her, Seven behind him, Akane (June) to the right of Santa. The main protagonist Junpei to the right of June, Ace behind Junpei, Snake to the right of him, Clover to the right of him, and finally the 9th man on the far right. Continuing where we left off everyone was just assigned code names to go by so they don’t reveal their true identity, except for Junpei who his was revealed by June. At last they get to the 9th man and ask him what he wants his code name to be, startled and in a soft voice he says I don’t need a code name I’m going to get out of here on my own. Clover confronts him and asks for him to stop screwing around and pick a code name. He replies I’ll show you how serious I am about escaping. Then he pulls it out..


Out of nowhere he reveals a pocket knife and demands that Clover puts her number 4 bracelet on the device and verify it. She struggles and he continues to say he will kill her if she doesn’t. After Clover he demands that Ace uses his number 1 bracelet to verify with the device. He does it reluctantly of course. After that only one more person was needed. The ninth man then uses his bracelet to get the digital root of 5 which is the numbered door. 4+1+9=14 1+4=5. The door slowly opens and the ninth man gives his farewell to the others and says he will see them on the other side….so he thinks. After some time what Zero calls the dead is ticking. They have to reach the dead and verify the bracelet so the bomb doesn’t explode. They have a minute to reach it. Of course the 9th man is the only one that went inside the number 5 door. What’s going on the dead won’t deactivate says the 9th man. It wont turn on! Help me get me out of here he says. He keeps banging on the door but of course there is no way to open it once it has closed. The 9th man then says. You lied!! This wasn’t suppose to happen!! This is wrong! I was lied to! He lied to me and put me in here! He killed me! AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. BOOM! They waited for it to die down a bit. They were all in silence. Junpei ask June and Santa to help him open the door. They scanned their numbers to get the correct digital root. The door slowly opened. What they say was indescribable and a foul stench made them gag. All they could say was OH MY GOD! He just blew up….


Everyone shook with fear and were at disbelief. Why was this happening to them? Will they be able to make it out alive? More mysteries will be discovered and unraveled next time.


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