You have 9 hours…

Still in disbelief of the horror that just happened everyone in the group just stayed silent for a good amount of time. After some time has passed they finally broke the tension and try to figure out what happened to the 9th man. It was snake who broke it down to everyone of how he died. He simply went in alone and broke the rules. He couldn’t pull the DEAD and therefore the bomb in him blew up. It is important now that every character knows the rules of the DEAD so that they know they won’t blow up if the follow the correct rules. After that Junpei learns alot of new information like how Clover and Snake are actually siblings and how June seems to have a lot of affection towards Junpei.


She will do anything to be with him and only feels safe when he is around. The only problem is the way the doors are set up only 3 to 5 people may enter a door at once and equal the digital root of that door.Feeling scared they decide who goes in what door.

This is where the game and the story take a twist. Junpei can make different decisions on what to do and what door to go through with results in different timelines and endings in the game. Each ending is important to the story and will help the story unfold easier. I will explain the different paths next time as it takes a long time because there are so many endings.


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