Doctor Strange

It is apparent in the Dr. Strange trailer that the most impressive thing about the movie is its visual effect. Considered the super hero version of Inception, the movie is filled with several scenes of bending space, folding buildings that remind the audience of the famous movie by the director Christopher Nolan.

This is the biggest plus of Doctor Strange, as the movie introduces the audience to another universe, or a multiverse to exact, with the concepts about time and space that are abstract, complicated, yet also very interesting. It is also impressive to watch how Doctor Strange chasing or being chased by his enemies between different cities and universes through the magic circles drawn by hand.

Image result for doctor strange gif

The fighting scenes in the movie have a good mix between physical and magical attacks by the characters, and the magic attacks are translated well into the movie with special effects that are visually satisfying.

However, the portray of the multiverse and the bended space might be too visually intense for some audience, especially when watched in 3D. Therefore, if you have not yet watched the movie and plan to check it out, be prepared!


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