Different Timelines 999

Now it is time to make decisions. These will affect the outcome of the game and is the reason as to what makes the plot so interesting. You have access to different doors and pair up with different people. What this does is set up a chain reaction of different timelines and you can experience them any way you see fit. There is a total of six endings and the only way to reach the true ending is to experience all the different ones first. After the 9th man dies is when this chain reaction starts. No matter which door you choose first will always lead to the same room and outcome. Everyone meets up after they have escaped from their puzzles and are in the same room. They then realize that snake is missing and decide to go look for him. This sets up another reaction where you have to choose another door with different people. Like before no matter what door you choose the destination is the same. Everyone meets up in the room and one team discovers a dead body in the shower room. Everyone concludes that it is snake and decide there is nothing they can do. They move forward one last time to another destination. This destination decides what ending you will get. One ending Junpei gets lost and ends up getting stabbed. One leads to Junpei finding everyone dead. He tries to escape but ends up getting stabbed and you have no idea who did it. One ending Clover goes insane because of her brothers death and kills everyone including Junpei. Two endings are different but are the same. They both end on a cliffhanger that leads up to the final true ending. Since the true ending is so important to the plot I will explain it and how it explains the other timelines as well. I will go more in depth on each timeline and how it affects the true ending. Be prepared. The truth might be too much to handle.

Image result for 999 endings


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