999 The True Ending

You have made it through all of the endings in the game except for one, the main true ending to the game. The one that answers all of your questions and will leave you speechless. In order to get this ending you need to achieve the safe ending. This ending is achieved by going through Door 5, then Door 8, and finally Door 6. There is no other way. In this, everything is the same as in the Knife ending, but Clover’s body is actually found in the 1st class cabin bathroom, holding the sinister hand paper and the 0 bracelet from the Captain and Lotus is not killed by Ace. This grants access to the Cradle Pharmaceutical secrets in the safe, in the same room with the names of the four masterminds behind the First Nonary Game, plus Zero’s revenge plot. The note says that Snake participated in the First Nonary Game. Junpei finds out that the person who supposedly killed Snake was Ace. He was the master mind of the first nonary game that took place 7 years ago. He needed to kill snake in order to hide his cover but Ace has a disease which makes it to where he can’t make out different faces. He actually ends up killing his partner in crime in the first nonary game but he thought it was snake. In the end Snake kills Ace for him killing Clover. After all of that Junpei meets up with Akane and notices she isn’t feeling well. he leaves and comes back to her disappearing. Zero then goes on the intercom and says game over you have failed….or at least I failed. This leads up to the final ending of the game. Junpei finds out about Ace but no one gets hurt or killed. After everyone finds out about Ace Santa takes Akane hostage and takes her away. This leads Junpei to the final 9th door. A puzzle is set up for Junpei to complete. It was set up by non other than Alane herself. Yes Zero is Akane and Santa is her brother. In the original nonary game 7 years ago Akane was a participant and did that puzzle in the past. She was able to connect to Junpei 7 years in the future with the morphogenetic field. Akane saw everything through Junpei’s eyes and had to set everything up in the same way so that the timeline wouldn’t break and she would survive. So all along all the deaths and different timelines were cased by Akane, the supposed helpless girl who wouldn’t hurt anyone. It was essential to her plan and she had to do what she had to do. This ending was the most mind boggling and very interesting. It is so complicated and so thought out that it is still interested to think about to this day.


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