Persona 4: The greatest JRPG ever made.

Jpop, a murder mystery, demon slaying with an amazing deep and dark story with amazing characters with their own backstory. That is Persona 4 in a nutshell. You cannot do this game justice on how perfect it is. Everything you could ever want in a video game is present and I don’t think it will be topped anytime soon……..except maybe by Persona 5 in about a month.

This game blends together elements from turned based rpg’s, visual novel and part detective. Everything the game does just blends together so well. The music is outstanding. It is a blend of rock and Jpop. The gameplay is smooth and fluent. The characters are well written and interesting and makes the story even better. What I love the most is how well the game shows off Japanese culture in media and it makes the game feel different.

The story is about a Japanese high school student who moves into a new town and moves in with his uncle and cousin. On his first day of school some mysterious murders start happening and he feels they are connected. He makes friends with fellow classmates and form a detective club to catch the murder. The story deals with self identity, friendship and accepting your true self. These story elements blend in with the gameplay so well that it makes it so much better. The gameplay is all about collecting personas and fusing them together to make better ones. The combat is deep and full of strategy that makes replaying never get boring. Be prepared to spend 80 hours for one playthrough and even after the first one you will want to play through again immediately just like I did and will find more things about the story.

If you want to seek your teeth into and amazing jrps then look no further than persona 4. It’s on ps2, vita and ps3 online store. You will love the music, characters and story so much you will not want it to end. It’s an amazing experience you don’t want to miss.


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