Bioshock was a fantastic game with a narrative driven experience, and a macabre atmosphere caused by the unique circumstances present in the metropolis, Rapture. You are dropped into an immersive and horrifying underwater city, which was a utopia turned dystopia due to the byproducts of unchecked unethical experimentation. This medical experimentation created Plasmids, which offer superhuman abilities, but also cause addiction, which led the population of the city to madness and ruin. In between the game’s distinct vintage art-style and decoration, and the intense gameplay, the player must survive the political war raging on, as well as the onslaught of crazed citizens as they adapt and experience many different encounters multiple times, each one never playing out the same as the last. The game lets you play however you would like, allowing many different experiences and allowing the game to be amazingly replayable many times over.


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