Blade Runner (1982)

The science fiction film, Blade Runner, which has remained admired to this day, was released in 1982. The film Blade Runner takes the viewer through the early 21st century where ‘Replicants’ were developed. A Replicant is essentially identical to a human; however, the nexus 6 generation is actually superior in dexterity, power, and at least as intelligent as the engineer who created them. The Nexus 6 generation had been designed to develop no human emotion such as hatred, compassion, and jealousy, yet they could over the span of a couple of years. To prevent the Replicants from doing anything harmful and developing so called human emotions, the engineers set a four year life span limit on the virtual beings. The Replicants, however, were ruled illegal on earth after a falling out in an off-world colony. Thus, special police forces that go by Blade Runner’s are sent out to ‘retire’ the Replicants. d

The Science Fiction film directed by Ridley Scott is high in energy and reasoning concerning characters, narrative, and settings. The pace of the film and information given during is well composed and easy for the viewer to follow. The information given to the viewer and information left unsaid allows for more subjective conclusions and analyses of the film. Ridley Scott gives the power of interpretation and questioning to the viewer even till the end of the film, as he knew having no limitations might evidently work in his favor. The film Blade runner has such unique plot and characters especially, because the film was released in the 80’s before further advanced objects and designs were recognized.


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