Pokemon 2nd Gen

Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal are the best most influential Pokemon games in the series. They added so many mechanics to the game, refined the combat and best of all added 100 new Pokemon to the mix. They had animated sprites, amazing music and the coolest new Pokemon ever added to the game. If you have never played a game in the series before then this is a good starting point because every Pokemon game after 2nd gen was based on it’s mechanics.


The day and night cycle was an amazing new concept that added so much to the gameplay. The music would change in battle, the city light would be bright and vibrant, new Pokemon could only be found in the morning day or night and added new events that took place at certain times. This feature added so much to the mix that it has been a staple since gen 4 since gen 3 decided to not include it. That is why Gen 3 is considered a black sheep of the series and it shows.


Gen 2 added brand new typing to the mix. The dark and steel typing are the coolest and my most favorite types. They have nothing but cool and amazing designs and they completely balanced out the game. They made it more balanced out with taking down the psychic types and added new weaknesses and resistances. Without these types the series would still be a broken mess and wouldn’t have as much cool Pokemon.


The most important thing added to the games was splitting the special stat into special attack and special defense. This added so many different options to Pokemon in how they grow and what moves they learned. Each Pokemon was more unique and special and has a better  reason to be used.


These  are the greatest Pokemon games ever made and I’m sure they will never be topped. Each Pokemon game released after has this gen to thank for how amazing they are.


One thought on “Pokemon 2nd Gen

  1. FINALLY someone else agrees. I always felt like I was the only one cared about Gen II. It also had hands down the best legendaries. Ho-oh and Lugia are badass.


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