Bates motel

Im unsure about anyone else, however,  hearing about the television show Bates Motel was something very common for me. I never thought about watching the show until I had finished watching The people vs. Oj Simpson on Netflix. I randomly came across the unique Sifi show Bates Motel and decided to give it a try. So far from my experience i can say the show is very dragged out but does contain decent actors. Im unsure if the creator of the show intended for the audience to hate the main character Norman and his mother Norma. The show does a good job of provoking the viewer and allowing them to create very strong opinions. It is hard to sympathize with the main character, Norman, because he is such a mama’s boy to the extent of it entirely affecting his judgement. The overall relationship between the mother and son in the show is cringeworthy and makes it easy for the viewer to generate a dislike for the two.



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