Beauty and The Beast (2017): A Message about Woman Rights

Beauty and the Beast is the latest movie adaptation of the classic fairy tale story that has graced the silver screen for at least 10 times. However, the movie is quite different from the original story from the 17th century but rather smilar to the animation with the same name produced by Disney in 1991. Belle (Emma Watson) is a pretty girl who loves to read and lives with her father in a village. In a trip to the forest, her father got lost and reached the castle of the Beast, where he got captured.

From left to right: Beauty and the Beast 1991 and 2017 versions


Emma Watson as Belle

In order to rescue her father, Belle volunteered to be captured in his place. Gradually, she became closer to the Beast, who used to be a haughty prince (Dan Stevens) but now cursed and became a monster. Their love blossomed as the fateful moment inched closer. When the last petal of the magical rose fell, the prince would forever be trapped in the beast form if  there was one who truly loved him.

The casting of Emma Watson as Belle was one of the successes of the movie. The actress was able to carry her strong and independent image in real life into the movie and create a Belle character who has an opened mindset, enjoy freedom, and refused to be restrained by the society’s rigid restrictions. Her journey in the movie was not only to rescue her father but also a battle against society’s prejudices to fight for woman rights.




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