Cinderella (2015): Old but New

The recent release of Beauty and the Beast reminded me of another Disney’s fairy tale movie adaption that came out roughly 2 years ago, Cinderella, which was a success at the box office for grossing over $543 million worldwide.

Let’s check out what might be the factors that made the movie so popular despite being adapted from a very familiar story.

1. The nostalgic fairy tale of everyone’s childhood

Many of us grew up with the story of Cinderella. To some, Cinderella has become an childhood “idol” along with other Disney princesses such as Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), and Ariel (The Little Mermaid). With the release of the live action version, the audience has the chance to go back to their childhood once again and become a part of the magical story. On the other hand, to younger audience, the movie might be more believable and relatable than the animation they have watched before.

2. Details that are different from the original story

It is noticeable that the movie has spent more time in building the family relationship between Cinderella and her parents when she was young. The scene where Ella’s mother got ill and passed away in the arms of Ella and her father tugged the heartstrings of many movie goers.

In additional, instead of letting the Prince and Ella first meet at the ball like in the original story, Cinderella created a more thought out romance story by letting them first meet in the wood. This interaction and building helped make the romance between the two character more believable and less out of no where. The moment when the stepmom destroyed Ella’s glass slipper was also another twist that successfully that made the movie more dramatic and engaging.

3. Gorgeous costumes, props, and sets

The collection of breath-taking costumes in Cinderella  was one of the reasons why the audience found it hard to tear their eyes away from the screen the whole time of the movie. The blue down Ella wore in the ball became a hot item that was hunted down by many young movie goers just like the dress of Elsa (Frozen). Even the dresses for the step mother and step sisters were received several compliments for the idea and designs.

Moreover, the props and sets pumpkin carriage, the golden palace, the forest, and the lovely home of Ella were also visually remarkable with the help of CGIs and special effects


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