Creative idea, engaging plot, excellent acting skill of the main character duo (Bruce Willis and Joshep Gordon-Levitt), Looper was one of the Hollywood action/sci-fi movies that stood out in 2012.

Spoiler ahead!

In the future, human finds a way to travel through time. This type of transportation is usually used by gangs to get rid of their enemies. Victims after being captured will be transported back to the past and killed by loopers. Loopers are paid by gold for their job.

There are two parallel timelines in the movie, one in 2044 and one in 2074. In 2044, Joseph “Joe” Simmons (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is one of the best loopers working for the biggest criminal organization in the city of Kansas. Meanwhile, in 2074, though retired, looper Joe (Bruce Willis) is still hunting down the murderer of his innocent wife. Until one day Joseph gets the contract to kill Joe.

Image result for Looper
Joseph “Joe” Simmons (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) readies to murder one of the captives transported through time

The climax of the movie happened when Joshep finds out that Joe is his future self in 30 years. What does Joe travel to the past for? What is going to happen in the future? How is the rumor about the mysterious figure with the nickname Rainmaker affect the loopers?

Joe (Bruce Willis) travels to the past and meets Joseph, his younger self

The topic of time traveling has been done several times in Holywood; however, Looper was still able to attract audience because of its unique ideas and good execution. A lot of events that happen toward the end of the movie brings are unexpected, and audience will find themselves pleasantly surprised.

A fun fact about Looper is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis played the same character from two different times. To make this character aspect believable, Joseph Gordon-Levitt had to learn to speak, smile, and move his facial muscle the same way Bruce Willis did.

This detail was small yet funny, especially to those who know about Bruce Willis’s unique style.

If you are a fan of sci-fi and have not had the opportunity to watch Looper, check the movie out!



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