Ex Machina

The Sci-fi movie Ex Machina (2015) utilizes its ability to use sound and visuals by employing techniques that help tell the story. Some recurring cinematic elements that the film uses to tell the story is the directing, cinematography, editing, and sound.One vital component of directing that is not usually associated with directing is the movement… Read More Ex Machina

Bates motel

Im unsure about anyone else, however,  hearing about the television show Bates Motel was something very common for me. I never thought about watching the show until I had finished watching The people vs. Oj Simpson on Netflix. I randomly came across the unique Sifi show Bates Motel and decided to give it a try.… Read More Bates motel

Blade Runner (1982)

The science fiction film, Blade Runner, which has remained admired to this day, was released in 1982. The film Blade Runner takes the viewer through the early 21st century where ‘Replicants’ were developed. A Replicant is essentially identical to a human; however, the nexus 6 generation is actually superior in dexterity, power, and at least… Read More Blade Runner (1982)


The Netflix original series IBOY was recently created and tells the story of a boy who develops supernatural powers that allow him to control technology. The first episode takes you through the event that lead up to the development of his super powers. The high crime rate in his neighborhood made avoiding trouble impossible. So… Read More IBOY