Bioshock was a fantastic game with a narrative driven experience, and a macabre atmosphere caused by the unique circumstances present in the metropolis, Rapture. You are dropped into an immersive and horrifying underwater city, which was a utopia turned dystopia due to the byproducts of unchecked unethical experimentation. This medical experimentation created Plasmids, which offer… Read More Bioshock

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is an action science-fiction space adventure game, published by Gearbox Software in 2012. The game is the second installment in the Borderlands series, taking place years after the original. Players return to the world of Pandora, yet again seeking The Vault. The hunt for better gear, and rare loot is still as addicting as ever.… Read More Borderlands 2


Borderlands is a science-fiction space adventure video game published by Gearbox entertainment, released in October of 2009. The players controls a vault hunter that they can customize. So what exactly is a vault? The Vault is a mysterious structure of alien origin, and according to legend is contains powers and riches beyond measure. Of course,… Read More Borderlands