Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a video game collaboration between American company Disney and Japanese company Square. It is an action JRPG where you travel through different Disney worlds with different characters from Square’s video games. You take control of Sora and have Donald and Goofy as your partners. The game was released in 2002 and was… Read More Kingdom Hearts

Bates motel

Im unsure about anyone else, however,  hearing about the television show Bates Motel was something very common for me. I never thought about watching the show until I had finished watching The people vs. Oj Simpson on Netflix. I randomly came across the unique Sifi show Bates Motel and decided to give it a try.… Read More Bates motel

Pokemon 2nd Gen

Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal are the best most influential Pokemon games in the series. They added so many mechanics to the game, refined the combat and best of all added 100 new Pokemon to the mix. They had animated sprites, amazing music and the coolest new Pokemon ever added to the game. If you… Read More Pokemon 2nd Gen

Blade Runner (1982)

The science fiction film, Blade Runner, which has remained admired to this day, was released in 1982. The film Blade Runner takes the viewer through the early 21st century where ‘Replicants’ were developed. A Replicant is essentially identical to a human; however, the nexus 6 generation is actually superior in dexterity, power, and at least… Read More Blade Runner (1982)