Ex Machina

The Sci-fi movie Ex Machina (2015) utilizes its ability to use sound and visuals by employing techniques that help tell the story. Some recurring cinematic elements that the film uses to tell the story is the directing, cinematography, editing, and sound.One vital component of directing that is not usually associated with directing is the movement of the characters; Ava’s movement ( artificially intelligent )as a “superhuman”. Despite the obvious metal and wires, Ava’s physique was solely based on the human anatomy. However, throughout the film, you could tell that she was not human because of the intricacy of every move she made. It is obvious to see that Garland made sure that Ava’s motions were smooth in order to show the audience the complexity of her existence as an AI. Without Garland’s contribution to make Ava’s motions as they were, it would be harder to tell the story of how incredible the discovery and creation of AI really is. Watching this movie is a very interesting experience that, in a way, exercises your mind. I highly recommend



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